Summer camps

Summer vacation is about to start in about two months. Parents wish to use the energy of their kids in a positive way. The summer vacation doesn’t mean to spend time lazily at home but it means learn something plus the academics. It is very important for the growth of our children that they spend days being physically active, unplug themselves from technology, develop life skills, make new friends and to be independent.
All over the world the summer camps are provided for students by the government, educational institutions or by private organizations. In order to build a strong Pakistan we also need to work on those lines too. I would like to spread this awareness among all to use energy of our children in a constructive way that they will be able to find solution to their problems themselves and not blame government for everything. For all of this we need to provide them opportunities in the form of summer camps that are easily and cheaply available for all. I would like to address the private organizations to use this opportunity for their marketing and provide facilities to our young generations.

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