Suitable environment vital for early child development: Nadim

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A suitable environment plays a vital role in the early child development, so it is our collective responsibility to provide better environment to our children for growth. This was stated by Dr. Nadeem Shafiq Malik, Chairman, National Council of Social Welfare addressing a one-day workshop titled “Social Perspective of Early Childhood Care and Development in ICT: Problems and Solutions” organized by National Council of Social Welfare.
Dr Nadeem Shafiq Malik, chaired the workshop while Mrs. Shaista Gillani, Director General Competition Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad, was the chief guest. Dr. Nadeem, in his presidential address deliberated that due to poverty some parents send their children for labour instead of school for education. Thus millions of children are deprived of basic food necessities.
He said, “It is our responsibility to provide better environment to our children. Initial five years are very important for the growth of a child. He went on to say that it was very unfortunate that some parents don’t pay due attention towards their children that adversely affects the growth and social development of the country.
Dr Nadim said that it was high time to provide better environment to our children so that they may become a useful citizen. Other prominent speakers in their presentations said that the future of Pakistan is directly proportional to the better early child care.
They said that policy makers should focus this segment in the future plans and number of playgrounds should be increased for the healthy recreational activities of the children. Our children are very talented. Therefore society should prevent children exploitation for the social development of the country.
They were of the opinion that government and parents should share common objectives such as preparing children for schools; but they may also disagree on the appropriateness of specific pre-primary subjects for children, such as use of modern technology in the classroom.

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