Suicide trend

We are keeping our eyes shut regarding our social responsibilities. The customs and tradition are crumbling. Life has become more complicated. The next door neighbour doesn’t know anything about him or her. Conspiracy of silence prevails. Ambulances carrying patients are not given passage and most of the patients die on the road. Women give birth either in the Rickshaws or on the pavement of the hospital due to callousness of doctors.
According to a recent news report the trend of committing suicide has increased manifold. In three separate incidents, 3 people, including 2 women, lost life by swallowing poison. What are the causes of this negative trend firmly taking roots in the society? This is nothing new. It is an age old custom in certain societies. Japanese are famous for this. Poverty and unemployment are two basic reasons in our case. Domestic violence, strained relations, property disputes, addiction to drugs and sexual abuse are some of the leading causes of rise in the suicides. NGOs should work to alleviate women’s problems. But unfortunately they have become money-making machine. They get grants and donations from international organizations. In order to curtail this negative trend every citizen should play his part and bring a positive change in the society.

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