Suicide blasts

Suicides are increasing with the passage of time and they have become a major social problem. What leads people to commit this act is the most important question which passes through one’s mind whenever someone commits suicide. According to research approximately 0.5 per cent to 1.4 percent of people die by suicide, about 12 per 100,000 persons per year around. The most common reason that drives people to get relief from the clutches of painful life is poverty. The lack of basic amenities of human life leads towards starvation that makes people to commit suicide without even thinking it a wrong act.
Committing suicide nowadays has become a common activity, which is being practiced by several individuals in different countries. Mostly young people commit suicide, especially the students. In recent years, incidents of suicide appear to have increased and suicide has become a major problem. From available evidence it appears that most suicides occur in young people under the age of 30 years. If any reader is contemplating or even thinking of committing suicide, I would like to inform them that life is precious and there are resources available if they will just avail themselves of any church or professional counselling services.
Mumbai, India

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