Sugarcane juice demand on rise

Islamabad—The demand of sugarcane juice has witnessed increase in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, due to increasing heat.
Sugarcane juice is good source of glucose which as we know, helps to re-hydrate the human body and gives it a boost of energy. So instead of your artificial energy drink, the next time you feel fatigued or dehydrated, consider drinking a glass of cane juice.
According to medical experts, the sugarcane juice boosts protein levels in the body, it helps in maintaining the health of the kidney. Taken in a diluted form, with lime juice and coconut water, sugar cane juice helps in reducing the burning sensation which is commonly associated with urinary tract infections, kidney stones and prostatitis.
Sugarcane juice also acts a good digestive aid due to the presence of potassium. With the increasing profit for vendors, it is a major concern for customers that the utensils used for preparing and serving these drinks are not hygienic.
“When I got free from university I buy a glass of sugarcane juice at price 30, I feel fresh and it quenches my thirst,” said Asjad Shah.
Ahmed Ali, a vendor at Sunday bazaar said “Number of people come to my shop to buy a glass of juice after they got tired off shopping it helps to maintain their sugar level in the body.” —APP

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