Sugar industry unhappy over low prices

Amanullah Khan


The sugar manufacturers are once again contemplating to raise sugar price in the country while the cost of this commodity is already higher than anywhere in the world. Pakistan Biscuits and Confectionary Manufacturers Association (PBCMA) have raised alarm on the nefarious activity of the sugar lobby to try and raise sugar prices being paid by the masses of Pakistan.
Sugar prices are already higher than the rest of the world, and not only is the sugar import protected in Pakistan, but they are now seeking huge export subsidies to make excessive profits. For the last 2 years, the Pakistani price of sugar has been one of the highest in the world, and sugar industry has had bumper profits.
And unlike their claim, most of the sugar industries have never paid the farmers, the government mandated price of sugar cane. Now, if they are allowed to export sugar, there will be a shortage in Pakistan during the holy month of Ramadan and prices will reach the sky causing hardship to the people. It is therefore imperative, that sugar exports are not allowed out of Pakistan.

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