Sufism is message of peace, harmony: Speakers

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Hazrat Sultan Bahoo’s work is full of intellectual, philosophical, spiritual and scholarly guidance for people as well as their focus remains to bridge a balance between spiritual and material world. Former Chief of Navel Staff, Admiral ( R ) M.Asif Sandila, Chairperson History Department IIUI, Dr. Mujeeb Ahmad, Dr. Talib Hussain Sial, Former Director IRD, IIUI, Dr. Aalia Sohail Khan, Principle Post Graduate College RWP, Chairman MUSLIM Institute, Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali and Former Ambassador Dr. Fouzia Nasreen shares their views at seminar entitled “ Mystical Teachings of Sultan Bahoo and Modern Era” organized by MUSLIM Institute and COMSETS University.
Speakers added further that Hazrat Sultan Bahoo worked for the reformation of prevailing anti-Shariah Sufi rituals at his time and some other core evils especially sectarianism. Sultan Bahoo shares a substantial contribution in Persian and Punjabi literature. Therefore, we should introduce their teachings in our curriculum. It will help a great deal in the promotion of our cultural ethos. Hazrat Sultan Bahoo laid great emphasis to bridge the gap between spiritualism and materialism.
This balance will not only help in curbing growing materialism but also help in building peace and harmony among communities. Exploitative nature of capitalism along with excessive material pursuits has tarnished the social fabric of our society.

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