Sufism is the actual narrative of Islam


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MUSLIM institute organized a lecture titled “Sufism and the West” by Professor Marcia Hermensen, Loyola University Chicago, USA. Sardar Masood Khan (President Azad Jammu & Kashmir) was chief guest on the occasion Dr Sahira Alvi was the Moderator of Lecture.
Chairman MUSLIM Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali opened the house with opening remarks. Sufism is the actual narrative of Islam.
It is the actual form practiced for centuries which made possible the co-existence among various religions and civilizations in the past.
It’s that impulse to have direct experience of the ultimate reality. Sufism is often characterized as culture friendly so that Islamic thought could penetrate through art and poetry and Islam could spread around the world by being able to meet people where they were in their cultural interest in an adaptive manner.
In the wake of globalization, we saw an immense increase in migration from ‘East’ to ‘West’ along with the invention of different modes of transportation.
This explains not only how more and more western population came into contact with Sufism but also the establishment of Sufism in the West as an academic field.
There is no denying the fact that even after eight centuries Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi remains one of the bestselling poets in the west.
The isolation of individual has lead people to search inner peace in Sufi poetry which can thus create a peace loving and friendly society. Sufism provides western community with rationality and objectivity regarding contemporary issues.

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