Sudden rise in suicide attacks

ACCORDING to statistics released by Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies, a sudden rise in suicide attacks was observed in the country in the month of September. According to details, militants carried out forty-two attacks during this period in which eighty-five people were killed and one hundred and forty-four others injured.
Suicide attackers are the people who are indoctrinated and trained in such a particular environment that they get ready to unbolt the explosive material attached to their bodies without caring for the consequences. There is now an emergent consensus amongst counter terrorism analysts that to defeat the threat posed by terrorists, there is a need to go beyond security and intelligence measures, take proactive measures to prevent vulnerable individuals and communities from radicalisation; and rehabilitating those who are willing to renounce extremism and radicalism. Following the successful operation in Swat, a de-radicalisation project was launched by Pakistan army in the area for the rehabilitation of a cohort of militant detainees. The programme was run with meaningful success as it turned around the lives of many detainees who were also imparted with different skills in order to enable them to earn their livelihoods. It is, however, surprising that since the launch of Zarb-e-Azb operation, which has seen resounding success on the ground, we do not see any requisite focus on rehabilitation programmes. In fact countering extremism and radicalism are the weaker links in the National Action Plan (NAP), which needs to be addressed given the recent surge seen in attacks last month. We, therefore, will urge the Federal and Provincial governments to come up with a comprehensive de-radicalisation and counter extremism programme to complement existing provisions of the NAP. Radicalisation is virulent; it spreads fast, like wildfire, de-radicalisation is a slow and painstaking process, analogous to one step forward and two backwards. Nevertheless, such effort must go on and gain enough momentum to stay sustainable in order to free the society from the clutches of extremism.

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