Sudais’ inspiring Haj sermon

IN his wide-ranging sermon to millions of pilgrims from around the world, who gathered at Mount Arafat to perform main ritual of annual Haj, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sadais, who is Chairman of the Presidency of the two holy mosques and Imam-e-Kaaba, touched upon issues of vital importance to Muslims, both in their individual capacity and as Ummah. The Sheikh himself effectively disseminated the message of peace and urged Muslims to spread it further, adding that terror cannot be linked to a particular nation or religion. He also emphasized the need for much-needed unity in the ranks of the Ummah and said Muslims must not look to non-Muslims for help.
There can be no two opinions that the present-day challenges and problems of the Muslim world emanate mainly from its inability to forge the required unity in its ranks, unnecessary and unfortunate dependence on others and propaganda campaign unleashed by anti-Islam forces to associate the most truthful religion with terrorism. As the Imam pointed out, those sowing the seeds of violence, hatred and sectarianism are rendering disservice to Islam. It is here that special responsibility rests on Ulema and that is why Sheikh Sudais told them that being successors of prophets, they should stop people from violence and terrorism and preach the true teachings of Islam. It is duty of Muslim scholars not just to make conscientious efforts to promote unity among Muslims but also present a formidable defence of the religion intellectually and on ideological fronts. Similarly, the Muslim world is bestowed with immense reservoirs of human and material capital, which can be exploited for well being of the Ummah and the humanity. However, Muslim countries have miserably failed to harness this enormous potential, its resources are either being misused by Muslims themselves or exploited by others and political and sectarian differences have pushed the Muslim states away from one another. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was wisely conceived to promote unity and safeguard political and economic interests of the Muslim world but regrettably it has been rendered ineffective because of lack of commitment on the part of the member countries and their leadership. No one would disagree from what has been exhorted in Haj Sermon but who would initiate and implement practical steps for the purpose?

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