Successful completion of Census

IT is an achievement of present government to have successfully completed the 6th Housing and Population Census despite various odds and challenges thrown by circumstances and some vested interests. Both phases of the Census are over, the process of retrieval of filled-in forms would continue for about a month and it is expected that preliminary figures on the survey would be available sometime in July 2017.
The credit for this goes not only to government but also to PBS (Pakistan Bureau of Statistics) and active cooperation extended by Pakistan Army, which spared a sizeable number of troops to accompany the survey teams. Without security cover, it would not have been possible to accomplish the task so easily especially when the teams came under attack in some areas and also adverse reaction by neighbouring Afghan Government that is apparently playing into India’s hands these days. Reports from across the country confirm that the exercise was smooth and apprehensions expressed by some circles and quarters proved to be utterly wrong. There were no reports of non-cooperation or resistance and inclusion of personnel of Pakistan Army during headcount meant the exercise was totally transparent and neutral. However, difficulties and challenges are not over as compilation of data is more arduous task and even more sensitive would be the outcome as some political leaders, linguistic and regional groups as well as minorities have raised expectations of the people by announcing their own concocted figures. Anyhow, the data has much significance for economic and social planning and we hope the PBS would demonstrate utmost sense of urgency in compilation and consolidation of the data through a transparent and verifiable process. This should be done in time to allow the Election Commission of Pakistan to hold next general election on the basis of fresh delimitations and addition/creation of more constituencies, if so required.

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