Substantial decline in terrorism because of govt’s proactive policies

Staff Reporter

National Coordinator National Counter Terrorism Authority Ihsan Ghani convened a meeting of presidents of chambers of commerce.
During his interaction with the delegates from Islamabad, Faisalabad, Sailkot and Lahore Chambers of Commerce, the National Coordinator briefed the visiting delegation about the history and current situation of terrorism in Pakistan and its adverse effects on different sections of society. He also apprised them about the security threats to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and NACTA’s efforts to neutralize internal and external threats.
The National Coordinator shared with the delegation NACTA’s policy measures such as formulation of National Internal Security Policy, and National Counter Extremism Policy (NCEP), development of National Narrative, Mainstreaming of Madrasahs, National Terrorist Database, choking of terrorism financing, and proposed legislative measures.
He highlighted that because of proactive policies of government there is a substantial decline in incidents of terrorism in Pakistan. He requested the delegates to cooperate in this connection so that the goals achieved during last four years may be consolidated.

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