Students weak in maths, science

Shakeel Phullan

The Pakistani students lag behind in the most essential sector of education. They are extremely weak and poor in math and science which are considered to be the most important subjects to build their career. The Pakistani schools are producing unacceptably low levels of learning outcomes in these two sectors which represents a significant and deep-rooted challenge to Pakistan’s economic growth in future.
It was reported that the average of maths score for Class IV students in the National Education Assessment System (NEAS) exams conducted in 2014 was 433 out of 1,000.. As Science results are in an equally deplorable state, out of four provinces and not a single one showed an average science score of over 50 percent.
So, it shows the failure of the government whose attention is lost to improve the most important sector of education in the country. Most of the students are out-of-schools including teachers who are ghost from their duties. If we let knowledge spreaders to be free from schools then how can we dream a bright future for our country? It is high time to work on educational sector of Pakistan in order to provide well-quality education to every Pakistani.

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