Students allowed guns in classrooms

IN a lamentable development, the University of Texas at Austin, the US agreed on Wednesday to allow students to carry guns into classrooms, months after state law-makers passed a bill outlawing guns bans at public universities. In reaction, some faculty members have threatened to quit rather than allow students to carry guns in an environment that is meant for learning and debate.
Obviously the decision to permit students to carry guns comes in the wake of some incidents of mass shootings at campuses with gun rights activists arguing that students cannot trust the police to protect them from random acts of violence and should be able to arm themselves. Utah State law also allows guns on campuses while 23 states leave the decision to colleges and there are expectations that many of them might follow the suit of the Texas University. Similarly, elsewhere in the world especially in countries that imitate the United States or the West, similar decisions might be taken, resulting into creation of an altogether new culture on campuses. The average college backpack normally contains books, notebooks and laptops yet strangely enough these might also contain guns, setting a dangerous precedent and also potential threats to precious lives. Already, we have guards at educational institutions and there is also a suggestion to allow teachers to carry guns. It is unlikely that innocent souls that come to institutions of learning in the search of knowledge and good would be able to effectively defend themselves even if they are armed, as students are hardly expected to counter terrorism when even highly trained professionals have not been able to effectively deliver. There can also be more casualties in cross fire. It is not only reflection of failure of governments and agencies but is also a slur on the present-day civilisation. Instead of arming students, provide them protection so they could focus on their studies.

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