Student counselling

I have delivered motivational lectures at different places, especially schools. One thing I witnessed common in all students is that they are confused about their future goals. They are just trying to fulfil wishes of their parents of opting for medical or engineering. The major issue of 21st century’s generation is that the students are not familiar with their hidden talent or their capacity. Even if they do recognise their talents and skills, they spend half of their age in that and until then, the phase of life in which one is very much passionate, gets over. Depressed mood, stress, anxiety, and problems with academic performance are the most common concerns.
In fact, over 90% of the students we see indicate that their personal problems have at least a moderate impact on their studies. Counselling is a lifelong process and I would like to demonstrate this statement by a quotation here, i.e. “the earlier you get started making intentional decisions about future, the better prepared you will be”. The reason of this situation is lack of proper counselling of students. Counselling helps students learn new coping skills, set goals, solve problems, make decisions, and manage stress. Moreover, it also provides a safe and structured environment in which students can explore various aspects of their emerging adult life, independence, values, personal goals and friendship. Students experience depression for a variety of reasons.
A student who is depressed might be feeling sad, unable to get out of bed, have changes in their sleep and eating habits, or is withdrawing from friends and family and many more. We can help students by evaluating the depression, providing treatment to overcome depression, helping develop coping skills. Hence, counselling may prove a huge factor in changing life of students.
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