Student backwardness

Rukhsar Beezan
Via email

In Balochistan most of the people have done FA, BA and MA but yet they are jobless or they are rickshaw drivers, Naan seller or working in garages, when this question raises up that why their condition is like this? Then we get this answer that they were not hard worker or were lazy in studies. But it is no longer true as it all happens due to our sub-standard educational system.
In Government school when they start studying, they bring positive result but when they reach matriculation class they have to choose Science or Art. If they choose science in college they will face problems because in Government schools subjects are in Urdu and in college all those subjects are in English due to this they will be compel to choose Art subjects which they are not interested in. Again this happen to students when they join an university for higher education, However when they pass their FA or BA they will leave their studies because they can’t go ahead. My humble request to the government is to at least standardise our education system.

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