A strong message to enemy

KULBUSHAN Yadav, the agent of Indian intelligence agency RAW, arrested in March last year on charges of carrying out sabotage activities in parts of the country has finally been handed down death sentence. DG, ISPR broke the news about his sentence on Monday confirming that Yadav was provided with a defending officer as per legal provisions.
Though the sentence has come at a time when relations between Pakistan and India are at the lowest ebb but with this Pakistan has sent a very loud and clear message that come what may whosoever is involved in nefarious activities against the State will face no leniency but only strict punishment. Given the nature of Indian government, we have no doubt in saying that New Delhi and its media will make a hue and cry over the decision but as Kulbushan has made an open confession about blood he spilled on Pakistani soil of Pakistani soldiers and common man, the order of Field General Court Martial should be implemented after the due process without accepting any pressure from Indian side or any other source. Those behind facilitating the killing of innocent people deserve no mercy and arrest of Kulbushan and some other agents clearly prove that foreign agencies especially RAW is involved in destabilising Pakistan and trying to undermine mega projects such as China Pakistan Economic Corridor project. Delivering strict punishment to such terrorists supported by foreign states has become all the more pivotal if our authorities really want to choke the transportation of these undesirable elements to the country and make the motherland cradle of peace and stability. Apart from further scaling up operation against foreign agents, we also expect that government will also fulfil its responsibilities vis-à-vis exposing ulterior motives of India and some other countries at international forums. The government in this regard can also take into confidence friendly countries. We have to wage the war against foreign spies both at local and diplomatic fronts to rid the country from these spoilers of peace.““

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