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Strengthening Pak-Bahrain bonds

PAKISTAN and the GCC countries have traditionally enjoyed profound amiable relations but credit goes to the present government for giving a new dimension to this relationship by focusing more on economic and trade relations.
The very visit of Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Bin Mohamed Al Khalifa could also be seen in the same context after the high level visits from Saudi Arabia and the UAE and also engagements with Qatar at different levels. The Foreign Minister during his two-day visit held meetings with Pakistani leadership discussing the entire spectrum of bilateral relations. Since both the countries have so much in common and the greater cooperation in trade and commerce will widen the horizon of bilateral ties and strengthen friendship. The bilateral relations between the two brotherly nations can be further fostered by taking a number of steps from both sides. Thousands of Pakistani nationals are serving in the security forces of Bahrain and we understand there is great scope of further bolstering military cooperation between the two countries. Pakistan can assist Bahrain in sophisticated defence and security equipment and military training and resources. Small and medium enterprises and trade and export can be enhanced in areas such as textile, food and hospitality, which are found to have substantial scope for Pakistan. Telecommunications, tourism, real estate development sectors are flourishing rapidly and offer attractive investment opportunities for the Bahraini investors in Pakistan. During Pakistan-Bahrain Business Opportunities Conference in Islamabad in early 2017, several MoUs on mutual cooperation and collaboration were agreed upon in various areas including agriculture, agro machinery, processed food, dry fruit, fresh fruit, cotton, milk and its by-products and leather to be processed at the earliest. The engagements at different levels should be increased in order to not only materialize these MoUs at the earliest but also exploit more opportunities of cooperation. Our government should also hold talks with Bahrain for export of more manpower to Bahrain which has always accepted our people with open hearts.