Street crimes in Karachi

Warisha Shahzad

For the last two or three months, not a single day passes without some sort of street crime. Most of these street crimes are caused when the citizen stops at traffic signals or traffic jams. One day I was horrified to witness a pathetic street crime when the two boys on a bike stopped their motor bike beside a car and put their pistol on the head of the man on the driving seat and they forced him to give them all his money, cellphones and jewellery they had.
After robbing them, the boys escaped leaving the family in shock. I am sure that it was not an isolated incident; countless innocent people have become victim of such incidents. The concern with street crimes is that it poses a significant risk to the people on roads with their families. Robbers could kill children, ladies and men for sake of money. Thus, it goes without saying that street crime is a public safety issue that must be properly addressed.
—Via email

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