Street crimes in our city

Through the column of your esteemed paper, I would like to draw attention towards an important issue. As it is well known, in this era our country is facing so many problems and nowadays street crime has become one of biggest problems. It is terrible to see the overwhelming number of street crimes in city, including mobile and cash snatching, kidnapping for ransom, target killing and so on and so forth.
According to statistical data on various crimes reported in Karachi, maintained by Citizens-Police Liaison Committee, over one thousand mobile phones were snatched in any given month with the highest number in January 2016 when nearly 1,600 mobile phones were snatched. There are certain hotspots where street crime continues unabated; they include areas between Golimar and New Karachi, Liquatabad to Yousuf Plaza, Kala Pul to Korangi and Defence Library, Gulshan-e-Iqbal (Sabzi Mandi) to Malir Cantonment. This situation might imply to our poor economical condition and lack of employment opportunities, but in both cases they are not justified to get involved in the street crime. Although, we have not a proper law and order situation in our country and our city particularly, Police can solve this problem by effective road and street monitoring and surveillance systems. The suspects must be targeted before they involve in such activities, promptly by the law enforcement agencies. The government should pay attention towards this problem and they should take some concrete steps in order to overcome these crimes.

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