Street crime

Aiman Jahangir

Street crime has become a common issue these days in the urban centres of the country and almost everywhere the youth are targeted in these crimes, including snatching of mobile phones and ladies’ purses. These robbers come well armed and well prepared both physically and psychologically to commit the crimes. These people overpower the victim by fear and weapons.
The youth these days are very much in fear, as to whether to carry, or not, a mobile phone or cash while traveling at any time of the day. It is not just night time that is dangerous but also day time. Anytime, anyplace and by any means these culprits get hold of helpless and innocent people walking on the street and rob them of all valuables, cash and mobile phones.
I request the authorities responsible for security in these cities to further keep a watch for these culprits that are a danger to the youth and as well as other citizens of the country.
—Via email

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