Street crime

As the rate of robberies dropped in the mid of 1990’s, it speedily began to rise in late 1990’s and onwards. People of all age groups, mostly the young, are involved in street crimes and this was due to the use of mobile phones in public places. Street crime is an unending issue and as the word itself suggest it takes on the street openly without any fear of being caught.
There are several factors which lead to high street crime rate in the country. An unjust criminal justice system, poor law and order situation, poverty, unemployment and most importantly ignorance of the government to tackle crime situation. Rapid urbanization and increasing population are also the causes of high crime rate.
In Karachi over 14,974 mobiles, 1,500 cars and 2,342 bikes were snatched in 2016. In the first week of 2017 total of 1197 incidents of street crime have been reported with 40 cars, 511 bikes and 503 mobiles being snatched. This is the time to take tangible measures to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

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