THE Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar, through suo motu notices, took initiative to check deteriorating service delivery at various government-run hospitals and complaints of contaminated water in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh has also sought a report from concerned authorities on blockades of roads during VVIPs movement. The official communication of the apex court, however, is silent as to when the reports are required to be submitted to mitigate people’s agonies during such movements.
Security of VVIPs is no doubt of paramount importance especially when foreign dignitaries visit the country. The issue of security assumes special significance in the backdrop of incidents of terrorism in the country and physical attacks on head of the state. However, it is also a fact that the threat of terrorism is there almost all over the world but nowhere else people are made to suffer for hours due to VIP/VVIP movement. Most pathetic is the condition of commuters in Islamabad and Rawalpindi as they bore the brunt of such movements. Entire route from Islamabad to Chaklala or some other venue is closed in advance of the movement and as a result thousands of vehicles choke roads that become inadequate to accommodate normal traffic during rush hours. Office-goers, students, businessmen, litigants and patients suffer alike and in many cases there have been deaths due to delay caused by these movements. All over the world, traffic is managed and not stopped during VIP movement as blockade is considered to be a callous approach adopted by Pakistani police and intelligence agencies to make their job easy at the expense of sufferings and agonies of the people. We hope CJP would take the matter to the logical conclusion and force authorities concerned to shun the tendency of blocking traffic in advance and closure of cellular service. The most important aspect is implementation of the arrangement to be devised by the top court keeping in mind rights of the citizens.