Stock-taking by PML-N

PARLIAMENTARY party meeting of ruling PML-N, on Tuesday, had stock-taking of government performance and three cabinet members holding important ministries briefed the participants about economic achievements, progress made in energy sector and steps taken to overcome the gap between growing demand and supply of electricity. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who chaired the meeting, urged elected members of the party to work hard for resolution of people’s problems in their constituencies.
Collective wisdom always pays and that is why we have been emphasising in these columns that leadership of the party especially Prime Minister and members of Federal Cabinet should remain in close contact with elected representatives of not only their own party but also those hailing from other parties who too represent people of Pakistan in their respective areas. Closer and frequent interaction gives a feeling to rulers about aspirations of the people and enables them to respond to their needs and requirements. In this backdrop, PM’s decision to convene parliamentary party meeting must have been appreciated by his own party members and cadres and this should be a regular feature and not a rare exercise in view of ground realities. There are no two opinions that Nawaz Sharif government has excelled in developmental initiatives and programmes but it is also a fact that there are a number of weak areas requiring urgent attention of authorities concerned. There should be total focus on good governance as only then there would be visible improvement in lives of the masses. The briefing by three Ministers might have afforded an opportunity to the members to raise issues that directly concern people and are, therefore, relevant to popularity of the party. The official press release highlights only positive aspects of the briefings while things are not as rosy as they are being painted because corruption is still rampant everywhere including WAPDA (discos) and Sui Gas companies, inflated bills are order of the day, service is poor and no one can think of getting connection without palm-greasing. Similarly, performance and output of almost all government departments and corporations is badly affected by financial crunch as they are not getting funds except those for salaries, allowances and pensions. Crime rate is going up, access to justice is far off cry, policeman and patwari are still viewed as dreaded symbols, adulteration is common place, sanitary conditions in cities and towns are deplorable and medicines are not available in dispensaries and hospitals. These are just a few examples but there are many more things that need immediate attention during the last year in governance.

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