Stepping on wrong foot

The Minister for Interior Prof. Ahsan Iqbal has quite rightly pointed out that any move to Pakistan in the “grey” list by the international community obviously at the behest of Trump Administration will be counter-productive and undermine the extensive work that Pakistan has carried out under the National Action Plan during the last few years.
The Minister has highlighted the role and sacrifices of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism during his substantive and fruitful discussion with his Norwegian counterpart Sylvia Listaug in Norway and also sought her country’s support at the upcoming meeting of the Financial Action Task Force scheduled to be held in the French capital Paris soon. According to media, he reiterated that Pakistan has become one of the top five economies in the world which have shown the highest growth rate during last five years sounding a warning in simple words that labelling Pakistan as such will be stepping on the wrong foot as this will halt the ongoing pace of accelerated progress in the country pushing it back many years.
During his interaction with Pakistanis and Norwegians in Norway, the visiting Pakistani Minister highlighting country’s enormous economic drive onwards said that the CPEC is a great game changer as more than 46 billion dollars worth projects are being implemented in parts of the country out of which investment worth 29 billion dollars has already been materialized, electricity shortage has been considerably overcome with the substantial increase of 11000 megawatt of power addition during last four years and there has been improvement in different sectors in Sindh and Balochistan.

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