Stem the rot through rule of law

IN his wide-ranging press conference on Thursday, DG Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor dilated upon a number of burning questions that have been agitating minds of the people of Pakistan as well as the international community related to both internal and external fronts. These included Pakistan’s role in the war on terror, threats posed to the country from Eastern and Western borders, relations with the United States and India, internal security and more importantly civil-military relations.
No one can disagree with military spokesperson when he called for strengthening national institutions to promote national harmony and solidarity. Pakistan Army and ISI have always been an eyesore for enemies of the country as they are real hurdle in the way of implementation of their nefarious designs. Irrespective of internal rifts, divisions and splits of different kind, the nation is united and fully behind the armed forces when it comes to defend the motherland against all odds and threats. However, it is also a fact that some political forces are always on the lookout to drag the Army into political controversies and thereby bruise its image as national saviour. ISPR, DG gave explanations and clarified situation in the formation and working of JIT ordered by Supreme Court of Pakistan in Panama scandal and unsolicited deployment of Rangers’ personnel around Accountability Court in Islamabad, who prevented even the Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal to go inside. Something might have gone wrong somewhere, which resulted into unfortunate incident that was linked by some circles to deliberate undermining the authority of civilian government. Such situations must be avoided for the sake of country and that deserves better coordination both by civilian and military leadership to tackle multitude of internal and external challenges, as also referred to by Gen Ghafoor. We can hardly afford any semblance of a perpetual civil-military rift as this would not only be suicidal for the country but also have societal implications. It is unfortunate that civil and military leaders should speak through media rather than discussing such issues at proper forums. The country demands that the rot must be stemmed at the earliest by setting aside egos and keeping supreme interest of the State and people above everything.

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