Status of women

In Pakistan, women are not only subjected to economic discrimination, but are also victim of inhumane customs. Women in Pakistan are generally perceived to be confined to their houses in lightly controlled society. Although generally true, the trends are now changing. Women, who form more than half of the country’s population, now find avenues to express themselves and come out of the shells they have been encased in for many centuries. However, there is a marked difference in women’s life in urban and rural areas. While most of urban women are now struggling to receive basic to master education but rural areas are still struggling for secondary.
Urban women especially those living in major cities are more dependent owing to greater exposure to education of men in their families and positive impact of media. Now most of females find their way to schools, colleges and abroad other than medicines which was once considered to be the only profession which women pursued, now they are pursuing even the most technical fields like engineering, architecture, communication and information technology. Women in Pakistan hold high ranking positions. We have had a female Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, Dr. Shamsdaad Akhther, the first woman who was appointed to that position. In addition, two women doctors of the Pakistan Army have also risen to the rank of Major General.

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