Status of Jerusalem

Maemuna Sadaf

JERUSALEM is sacrosanct city for major religions of the world. For centuries, Jerusalem was protected by Muslims. Masjid Al-Aqsa was centre for prayer before Makkah. Muslims used to pray facing Masjid Al-Aqsa. Hence Al Aqsa and Dome of Rock in this city makes it third holiest city after Makkah and Madina for Muslims. Whereas Jews claim Solomon’s Temple is underneath Masjid Al-Aqsa.
Wailing Wall (remains of Solomon’s Temple) makes this city as their centre of Judaism. Being birth place of Jesus Christ, crucifixion and resurrection by Allah in Jerusalem make this city sacred for Christians as well.
In 1947, Israel’s president decided to buy arms and ammunition by saying that our races will not remember how lavish our lives were but they will remember our victory or defeat. This passion gifted Israel victory over Arabs in 1948 and Ottoman Empire ended. Ottoman Empire was divided into pieces because of internal conflicts of Rulers of Muslim States.
Jews communities were built in West Bank (Gaza), extensions in these communities are continuing.
After fall of Ottoman Empire and emergence of Israel, bloodshed of Muslims in this city continued. Jerusalem became conflicted city among Palestine and Israel. On 29th November 1947, it was decided by United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) that the city of Jerusalem shall be established as “Corpus Separatum”. Neither Palestine nor Israel would hold the rights of making this city as their part. United Nation (UN) under a special international regime will take charge of this city and people from every religion will have rights to perform their religious pilgrimage. The UNGA does not accept Israel’s proclamation of Jerusalem as capital of Israel. United States bypassed decision of UN by declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
Jerusalem remains as a heart of Palestine – Israel conflict, the city served as Palestine’s capital before 1967. Israel captured this holy city in 1967 and after that the sacred place has become most conflicted and deadly place especially for Muslims.
Muslims took no serious action to regain their Qibla e Awwal. International Islamic organizations have not played any role to bring this issue at peaceful and acceptable solution.
Writing more, the decision of declaring Jerusalem as capital of Israel is continuation of the planning of rebuilding Solomon’s Temple by destroying Masjid Al-Aqsa. America’s pro Israeli stance over this conflict shows increase in Israel’s power over Palestine. This decision is widely criticized by UN Security Council. Several countries condemned this unilateral move by the US. Beside widespread rejection and condemnation, the said decision sparked a wave of protests all over the world especially in Muslim countries. Protests mainly in Palestine and other countries are continued bringing about deaths.
Heads and representative of 57 Muslim states have been gathered in summit of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Turkey’s call. In a press conference after the summit said that OIC will apply to UN Security Council for annulment of US decision. This summit can be considered as historic since OIC was made. This summit has conveyed a message to the world that Muslims are well aware of International changes and can react unanimously. Critics consider US declaration as most perilous and a dagger in Muslims back.
Concluding more, it is need of the hour that Muslim countries should forget their conflicts and unite to solve this issue. Unity is the only way to save Masjid Al-Aqsa. Muslim countries, being major suppliers of crude oil, can pressurize America and other countries by ceasing crude oil supplies and trade.
Specially, if Arab countries cease crude oil supply to America for only one week, this would be a greatest pressure on western countries. Rulers of Muslim countries are should act as free rather than being slaves. Rulers of Muslim countries think for themselves, neither for their countries nor Muslim Ummah because they have assets in western countries. It is the time for them to broaden their thinking. They should leave their taboos of thinking for themselves only.
Due to thinking of Muslim Rulers, not a single Muslim country has ceased any trade ties or oil supplies to America even after protests. By building pressure on America, decision of making Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital can be reversed. If the decision is not reversed at least its implementation can be stopped.

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