Statement by Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif on Indian forces oppression on the unarmed Kashmiris


The Indian security forces have intensified the state oppression on the unarmed Kashmiris. The 14 people have been martyred in a span of 36 hours in an ongoing wave of violence including 10 youth in Shopian District. If this gross violation of human rights cannot wake up the conscience of the world community from deep slumber, what else will?

The held Kashmir presents a picture of a living hell where humanity is shamed on daily basis by the Indian occupation forces with abandon. The whole valley is up in protest against the Indian brutalities. The Kashmiri youth are fired with the resolve to get their right to self-determination sanctioned by the UN. The question is: can India rob the Kashmiris of their dreams through the use of pallet guns and bullets? Can it continue to subjugate a whole community that is prepared to render any sacrifice for their fundamental rights? How long will the world continue to look the other way as Kashmir burns? An international order that upholds morality and supports the just causes enjoys the legitimacy and ownership.

It is an article of faith with me that the Kashmiris’ struggle for self-determination will inspire the future generations and will be taught as a legend in the history books. Such is the force of conviction and belief in the destiny against one of the mightiest armies of the world.

I condemn the Indian brutalities in the strongest possible words and pay my homage to the Kashmiri people who have the moral, political and diplomatic support of not just Pakistan but also of all the civilized people around the world. Their dream of freedom from the Indian occupation will certainly be realized one day. I believe it is high time for the world community to be alive to the atrocities being perpetuated on the Kashmiris by India. The cost of studied silence is too heavy to bear.

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