State of private female hostels

It is difficult for me to give accurate numbers of private hostels or lodges for females in Lahore. However, I shall not be wrong if I say that we can easily locate a Private hostel for female students and working women etc in almost every second street of various areas in Lahore. These zones include towns in suburbs of Thokar Niaz Baig, Muslim Town, and towns in outskirts of Ferozpur Road, Barkat Market, Shadman, Ichra and many more. Private contractors both males and females either have built their own buildings or have rented some houses which are converted into hostels.
The hostels for female students in comparison to those for male students are more in number. And the reason is the most obvious: females need accommodation where they can live secure. It is the tragedy of almost every society that females cannot live without protection and security. Private hostels as compared to rented lodges guarantee this security. Talking about security and protection, here are some important issues regarding private hostels for females in Lahore, which need immediate attention of authorities. First most of the houses are administered by contractors who evade taxes, electricity bills and other related duties towards state. Most of the times, these contractors commit these illegal acts in connivance with the concerned staff of the department.
These kinds of contractors are a sort of mafia who have chains of hostels for females especially near female medical colleges, private colleges and universities. Then there comes the second type of contractors who only rent single building and start running hostel. They do not get it registered so that they may evade commercial billing or taxes. They do not give their hostel any name even. Both kinds of contractors avoid naming their hostels so that they may avoid taxes, which are levied for buildings used for commercial purposes.
Third, these owners hire mostly one or two servants in these hostels who work in all capacities- security guard, mess manager, electrician etc. Most of the servants in these hostels, especially those owned by big contractors, are criminal who are either on run or on bail. They seek shelter without wages. And harrowingly, they are provided safety in female hostels to evade the eye of law. Fourth, these landlords, whenever a need arises, bring any of their guests for day or night stay. Most of the females stay in these hostels observing such deplorable conditions and choose to stay silent. The most pronounced reason of this silence is that they are women, because if they speak, either they have to quit their educations or they will be maligned.

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