State malfunction..!

AS I see our government concentrating on non-issues, while the real issues are being ignored, I am reinded of an incident many years ago, when there was a wardrobe malfunction when a pretty model walking the ramp had to quickly cover herself with her hands as her dress came loose, but using exceptional presence of mind, she brought the dress back in place without changing her expression or faltering her stride. The state government however immediately ordered a probe to find out whether lovely model had intentionally done strip tease to titillate audience.
“Mr Minister, Mr Minister thousands and thousands of farmers have committed suicide in the last five or six years!” “Find out!” screamed the minister, “whether she tugged at her halter or unloosed her belt, then arrest and imprison her!” “Mr Minister there’s a drought in the state, the people want relief they just cannot wait!”
“Do you think?” asked the minister beads of sweat on his brow, “ we could ask her to enact the whole scene just now?” “No money in peoples hands sir, all the money disappeared after the demonetization that was done!” “Was she wearing anything under her dress, tell me was she nude more or less?” “Mr Minister, Mr Minister onion prices they’re falling!”
“How old? How old was the girl on the ramp? You think she’s a model or some ordinary vamp?””Teachers cry out, they haven’t been paid! Permanent staff have been temporary made!” “How much?” asked the minister, “of her body was seen? Was she skinny, voluptuous or skimpy and lean?” “The monsoons are coming, the river’s full of dirt, call the commissioner up and make him alert!”
“What material? What material was her dress made off? Did it accidentally fall or she tried to show off?” “The treasury coffers are empty!” “Show me, show me her nude photographs!” “The city’s in darkness!” “Interview her in my chambers!” “People are starving!” “Was she a Miss India? Miss Bombay? Or Miss Something or other?” “Policemen are now rapists!” “Is she pretty?” “Mr Minister! Mr Minister your files are all pending! “Arrange passes for me to all her shows, so that I’ll see if she does it again on purpose!” “Mr Minister! Mr Minister! We need an enquiry!”
“Yes enquiry, enquiry!” whispered the minister drooling, “ I’m ordering an enquiry to know if they’re fooling or if there really was a wardrobe malfunction!” “No minister, no minister!” chorused the people together, “Wardrobe malfunction is not what we’re bothered about, but an enquiry into your state’s malfunction.

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