Startling revelations about MQM finances in UK


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Karachi—Some very startling, and fresh revelations have been highlighted by the British media about the fabulous financial resources of MQM in England, which claimed that a party, based in urban Sindh, but is being remote-controlled from London, had an incredible number of 70 past and present bank accounts in the name of its leader Altaf Hussain, and in the name of the political party.
Reading through a report by well-known journalist, Owen Bennet-Jones, gives a feeling of going through some under-world organization. The report, carried partially by local newspaper claims that “newly revealed Scotland Yard documents lists 26 of these accounts in the name of Altaf Hussain, 38 in the name of Tariq Mir, his former finance manager, and another 12 in the name of MQM.
The party used cash to buy a number of properties in UK, said the report, and gives details of financial transaction with a company of which Mr Hussain was a director.
The British Police has been investigating about the murder of party’s former leader Dr Imran Farooq, during which nearly half a million pounds were recovered from party’s office and from the residence of the MQM supremo. The pace of investigation picked up after Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar had a meeting in London with his British counterpart Theresa May.
The correspondent who earlier had run a story on BBC about MQM, admitted that he was unaware as to how many accounts had now been closed, but gives substantial detail from Metropolitan Police Record, submitted to the FIA on request.
A six-member team of British investigators visited Pakistan to seek details of money laundering case, registered against Altaf and colleagues in London. The report reveals account holders names, account or codes for operating these, which reportedly is now also in possession of Pakistani authori-
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) remains undecided till date as to whether submit the case for prosecution against Altaf and others as police in England, are still investigating into some more evidence to consolidate their gains achieved so far.
British authorities, according to Owen, has asked for details from Pakistani counterparts of extortion cases against MQM, cash and weapons found from MQM nerve centre in Azizabad during early morning swoop of March last year.
Also the London Police has asked for details about the fire in Baldia Cloth factory which had claimed a heavy toll of life, and in which several MQM leaders have been named, including those defecting to the Pak Sazameen Party, founded under the leadership of former Mayor Mustafa Kamal.
Investigators in England where Altaf has been residing since 1991, and claimed British nationality under its Asylum act, where now the party’s international secretariat has been operating since long on High Street in Northern London.
Investigators want to know the modus operandi for money transfer from Pakistan, and whether the Pakistani government was aware of it.
The MQM has denied allegations of working for Indian secret service RAW or being their agents in Pakistan or elsewhere. The documents, nevertheless, shows that funds were transferred into a company called Euro Property Development Ltd; which amounted to 750,000 pounds sterling between October 2012 and May 2013.
The report claimed that Altaf Hussain and his close colleague Mohammad Anwar were the directors of the company,and Tariq Mir, another prominent member of the party in England, was the company’s secretary.

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