Stand up for Palestinians

ISRAEL is going ahead with its killing spree in occupied Palestinian areas without any check and this deterioration in situation was very much expected following Trump Administration’s decision to recognize occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – the decision which has further emboldened the Jewish government to unleash a campaign of persecution and atrocities against the innocent and armless Palestinians.
Friday saw its worst demonstration when the Jewish forces opened indiscriminate firing on the peaceful protestors in Gaza killing at least fifteen Palestinians and injuring hundreds of others. About thirty thousand Palestinians in fact had gathered along the border with Israel to mark Land Day, an annual commemoration of the deaths of six Arab citizens killed by Israeli security forces during demonstrations over government land confiscation in northern Israel in1976. With this annual feature, the Palestinians were demanding their birth right that the refugees be allowed to return to the towns and villages which their families fled from, or were driven out of, when the State of Israel was established in 1948. It is a historic and undeniable fact that the occupied territories belong to the people of Palestine and how regrettable is that they are being subjected to massacre and persecution for demanding their right when in fact they also have accepted the existence of Israeli State. Silence of so-called champions of human rights on the issue is also condemnable who in fact are quick to raise their voice whenever any non-Muslim or Israeli or Christian is killed but when it comes to the blood of Muslims, they always resort to complete mum. We understand these double standards will not only help but further worsen situation in the Middle East and the world at large. Given the current situation which may worsen in the days to come, it is time for the United Nations Secretary General to intervene and take notice of the situation in Gaza and the West Bank to avoid more bloodshed of innocent people. The Muslim countries also need to go beyond mere verbal condemnation and rather take some practical steps especially those who have diplomatic relations with the Jewish State in order to stop the Jewish state from further playing with the blood of Palestinians. The entire Muslim Ummah feels the pain and agony of Palestinians; it is now for the Muslim rulers also to stand up for their rights in unison whilst rising above any expediency. In this whole scenario, heavy responsibility rests with the US Administration to come forward and try to revive the peace process between the Palestinians and Israelis for the resolution of this lingering dispute in a just and fair manner.

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