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Stand up against Islamophobia

AT a time when Islamophobia has penetrated into the western society with Muslims being subjected to racism, hate crimes, terrorism and one saw the worst manifestation of it in Christchurch shooting. It is time that the Muslim countries from the platform of OIC forcefully raise voice against this curse which if not checked will have disastrous consequences for the world peace and stability.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has reportedly decided to convene an emergency session of Council of Foreign Ministers of the OIC in Istanbul on Friday to discuss Christchurch attack during the Juma prayers. The Turkish President has always shown leadership and visionary approach to bring the Muslim leaders together and indeed this is the way forward to meet and overcome the challenges faced by the Muslim world today. The moot however should not remain confine to mere condemnation resolution but needs to come up with a road map that impresses upon the international community to curb the Islamophobia through enactment of proper laws, just as some countries restrict anti-Semitic speech or Holocaust denial.
The anti-Muslim remarks made by the Australian Senator Fraser Anning following Christchurch shooting as well as US President Donald Trump stopping short of designating the attack as terrorism clearly depict the mindset in the western countries and their bigotry towards the Muslims who in fact have given the most number of sacrifices in the war on terrorism but still they are being subjected to such treatment. While the western countries will have to review their posture to achieve the goal of peace and stability, it is also time that an interfaith dialogue, once started by Saudi King Abdullah is taken forward in order to achieve greater inter faith harmony.