Stalemate in Pak-US talks

ACCORDING to media reports the latest round of Pakistan-United States talks aimed at getting Islamabad to fulfil Washington’s expectations, envisioned in its South Asia and Afghanistan policy, ended here on Monday without any breakthrough or breakdown while new issues have been added to the already heavy and complicated agenda. As per US version of the talks that Ambassador Alice Wells held with Pakistan Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua and other senior officials the two sides discussed status of the US policy and efforts to make progress on regional security and stability.
Understandably, no details of the talks were released officially and no media talks arranged to avoid derailment of the dialogue process. It is good that despite anti-Pakistan statements originating from the US capital and moves aimed at brow-beating the country through suspension and cancellation of military and economic assistance, the two sides still see room for sorting out issues through talks. This is obvious as there can’t be total disconnect in relations as none of them could afford that because of obvious reasons. The United States is trying its best to get out of the Afghan quagmire with some respect and that cannot happen without full and sincere cooperation of Pakistan. Pakistan has been offering all types of assistance – intelligence cooperation, logistic support and dialogue facilitation – but despite all this Islamabad is blamed for all the ills in Afghanistan. Even failures of the Afghan government and consequences of wrong strategies by coalition forces are being blamed on Pakistan and that is why Pakistani leaders have repeatedly said that the country would no longer serve as scapegoat. Pakistan on its part has expressed willingness to continue its cooperation and contribution in the war against terror but also wants the US and the world community to acknowledge its sacrifices and contribution and also take care of its regional concerns. Our leadership has also made it known on a number of occasions that we do not need assistance but due appreciation of Pakistan’s role and its legitimate grievances redressed. Hopefully, the outcome of the on-going talks would reflect this national thinking.

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