Stage play ‘Gudian Patoley’ highlights social phenomena

Staff Reporter

Rawalpindi—The play “Gudian Patoley” staged at Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC), story of a gypsy family who lives under an old railway bridge having four family members highlights social phenomena.
It was written by Muhammad Aslam Mughal and directed by Amir Nawaz. Member Punjab Assembly Tehseen Fawad was chief guest flanked by Resident Director RAC Waqar Ahmed. The play was a tale of homeless families who are compelled in the hand of nature. The families who live under bridges have limited source of income due to different reasons.
In the play, a family has a daughter who sells dolls all the day but her selling of products reduces day by day due to use of increasing modern technology.
She has a brother who threw stones on the passing train which proved turning point of the story.
One day Saqib threw pebbles on a train as a result train stopped a young man, got injured from the stone came out from it. After showing anger a lot on the family, he likes their daughter and decided to marry her but, on the day of the marriage, flood came and she succumbed.
The artists Amir Nawaz, Imran Nawaz, Tanveer Khalid, Zaheer Taj, Esha Malik, Bashir Qadari, Aslam Mughal, Zunaira Naurin, Kashif Nazir, Amir Shahzad, Shumaila Muqadas, Saima Wilson and Naima Wilson played a wonderful role in the drama.

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