Staff of Sindh Govt Hospital hit by Chikungunya

Observer Report

Viral disease chikungunya is suspected to hit Malir area of the city here and the very staff of Sindh Government Hospital Saudabad is hit by the suspected virus. After Malaria and Dengue the people of Karachi are threatened by this new chikungunya virus.
According to details 17 doctors, 31 paramedics, and eight sanitary workers are being affected by the virus.
According to medical experts chikungunya virus is transferred to blood when mosquito bite carrying the virus. Some of the symptoms of chikungunya are high fever, excruciating body pain, tiredness, nausea, and reddish blemishes on skin.
Medical experts also say that symptoms of chikungunya are similar to that of dengue and thus many doctors incorrectly diagnose it as dengue.
According to World Health Organization there is neither any prevention for chikungunya nor any medication has been made for it as yet and that there is no cure for the disease.

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