Sri Lankan players will benefit with Dr Jauncey’s appointment

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Sri Lankan players will benefit greatly when they interact with their new psychologist Dr. Phil Jauncey. This opinion is expressed by Australia’s most successful coach John Buchanan, who during his tenure, also hired Dr. Jauncey.
Speaking exclusively from Australia, he said, “Dr Phil Jauncey or “Mozz” as he is affectionately known by many was very helpful for me as a coach as well as our support staff to have someone listening to what we were discussing about players and whether we were on the right track or could approach it differently”.
On a recommendation by Sri Lanka’s new coach Chandika Hathurusinghe, the Sri Lanka Cricket (board) has hired the services of Brisbane-based Dr. Jauncey, who is landing in Colombo on Tuesday.
“As a head coach, it is very important to find one or two people whom you can trust and confide in away for the team as there will be issues, either personal, or that cannot be aired with others, that need resolution. When these circumstances arose, Dr Jauncey was one of those persons to whom I could turn”, added Buchanan.
“All coaches and support staff are ‘amateur sports psychologists because this is part of the job of coaching people on a daily basis, But Just as there coaches who specialise in bowling, batting, fielding, fitness, body repair, there is also a need to have specialists in the mental skills of peak performance and playing international sport”.
“To find the right psychologist is not easy. They are also professional clinicians so it is not easy for them to leave their practices for any length of time”.
“And unlike a physio or a skills coach who are involved with a number of players on a daily basis, the sports psychologist might only meet with one or two”, he added.
“And in fact, if they are doing their job very well, they should not be required as a regular touring team member”, he signed off.

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