Sri Lanka marks tourism Golden Jubilee

A.C.Shahul Hameed

Colombo—Sri Lanka celebrates the Golden Jubilee of Sri Lanka Tourism this year (1966-2016).It is also a happy coincidence that we are celebrating this occasion at a time when tourism is booming in this country.
According to data Sri Lanka hosted 1.8 million tourists last year and earnings from tourism stood at 3 billion US dollars. The Minister of Tourism John Amaratunga states that he was confident that this year , the Golden Jubilee ofd Sri Lanka Tourism will be a year that will be written in gold in the annals of the tourism history of this country for its transformation from a nescent industry to one that is an economic powerhouse.
Tourism in Sri Lanka is by no means a recent phenomenon .This land has been known to travelers and explorers since ancient times as Taprobane, Serendib , Ceylkan, Ceylon and finally Sri Lanka.This has been a land of fascination mystery to both ancient and modern travelers. Sir Emerson Tenant an English writer said that “There is no island in the world that has attracted the attention of authors in so many distant ages and so many different countries as Ceylon”.—Email

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