Sports curriculum, a compulsion

Nofil Jamil Anwer

We all know how important education is for us, shaping our careers, equipping us with knowledge that will help us thrive in this world. Educational curriculums are designed every year for us that have to be followed by every school, college and university. This is really brilliant, helping us, getting imperative knowledge and competing with rest of world. But do we know? “Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy spirit”. Yes, we all know, but our flaccid eagerness towards it, and so does our institutes arise stern queries. Healthy activities hold equal importance, as our studies and all educational activities. The sheer ignorance towards sports and health, has made our nation, lagging behind others, in terms of champions we produce.
Take a glance back to 1992, where we won our biggest cup, but after that where have gone terribly wrong. Sports events, which were occurring on a regular basis at that time, are now non-existent. Sports are an alien term in our most schools, colleges and universities. Drug addicts and criminals are coming out of them instead of patrons and heroes. The need of the hour is that our government and educational institutions should treat sports and education equally important. Government should allow sports centres, to design a sports curriculum which needs to be implanted and looked after each year. At last students should be allocated 25 percent of marks, on the basis of sports he has performed in. Only taking these radical steps will help us achieve the lost glories, we once used to achieve. Only healthy individuals can sustain Pakistan to gain its lost prestige.

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