Spoiling our environment

Over the span of time, the feeling of patriotism which was present in every individual has become lost resulting in their inconsiderate behaviour related to their environment. Throwing waste and creating surroundings unbearable for a living has become a common trend among people. Karachi, the city of lights, has lost its gleam and charm due to the accumulation of garbage heaps in almost every street which instead of improving and becoming spotless has become worse over time because of constant ignorance. On top of it, burning of domestic waste enhances the release of toxicants in their environment causing the spread of unpleasant smell which becomes a source of irritation for every passer-by.
As a result of above-mentioned problems, people have started suffering from respiratory and skin diseases which cause restlessness in their lives. The pollutants release carcinogens and other harmful chemicals in the air around us which become the cause of these diseases. Moreover, water supplied to houses is mixed with the similar deadly chemicals which again become a part of the human body causing a hazard to health.
It is a sad reality that an individual seems to disregard the fact that their actions can be as harmful to the environment as it would be of the collective masses. If we would own our country like we own our home then we would be making a difference, starting from cleaning our surroundings. Also, I would like to request our municipal committee to take a serious action against it and foster awareness among the people about their approach towards surrounding. They should make strict rules and regulations against this problem and make sure that every resident follows it. Taking an initiative regarding this issue is what our society needs. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

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