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Spectacular parade: Our matchless military

OUR armed forces are matchless when it comes to valiance, professionalism and discipline. The same was demonstrated by the three wings on Saturday during the Pakistan Day Parade which indeed was spectacular and impressive by all means. From the military equipment display to the free fall of security personnel from skies ,aerobatic manoeuvres of indigenously developed JF-17 and the presentation of slogan song ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ at the end of the parade added colour and an ambience as well as feeling of unity in the whole environment.
The entire nation indeed is proud and salutes their defence forces for always living up to the occasion and foiling the nefarious designs of the enemy in keeping intact the sovereignty of the motherland – the soil of which contains as an unforgettable and primary constituent the blood of its martyrs who fearlessly confronted the enemy guarded their land with their most precious possessions-their lives. The nation really is indebted to their unparallel sacrifices and undoubtedly stands shoulder to shoulder with the forces to bite the dust to the enemy.
This year’s military parade was also diverse in many ways. Firstly it was attended by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad who showed keen interest in the JF-17 thunder fighter jets and other military equipment of Pakistan. Secondly, this time around the fighter jets from friendly countries – Turkey and China – also participated in the parade and earned applause of the audience with their spectacular aerobatic manoeuvres in the skies of the federal capital. This is a clear proof that despite all efforts of our enemy to isolate Pakistan at the international level, the country supported by its friends is moving ahead to get its rightful place in the comity of nations. Also the message of President Arif Alvi at the parade was very loud and clear that Pakistan desires peaceful co-existence and being a responsible nuclear state, it desires not war but peace in order to sow the seeds of prosperity to build a bright future. Indeed, the conflict in this volatile region is not in anybody’s interest and both Pakistan and India have to sort out their issues through dialogue by doing away with the bitterness of the past. Resolution of the outstanding disputes especially the core dispute of Jammu & Kashmir will pave the way for the two sides to shift more resources towards the socio-economic development of their peoples. As pointed out by the President, our real fight should be against poverty and backwardness whilst paying attention to education, health and employment. Nevertheless, if India wants to pursue the same course that it is pursuing since independence of the sub-continent from the British rule, Pakistan and its forces are always ready to pay it back in the same coin, and the recent shooting down of two Indian aircraft by Pakistani Shaheens is a sufficient proof of our superiority and capability. Whilst India is signing big defence deals including for the induction of next generation fighter jets from France, we need to maintain our air, sea and land superiority by providing sufficient resources to further develop our domestic defence industry to the level that not only fully meets the domestic requirements but also earns foreign exchange through exports of state-of-the-art products.