Spectacular Indonesian textile ‘Tenun’ makes its way to Islamabad

Zubair Qureshi

Spouse of Indonesian Ambassador Mrs. Rita Amri hosted exhibition and fashion show showcasing colours of Indonesia’s widely popular traditional textile.
The exhibition displayed one of greatest treasure trove of traditional textiles, produced in almost unlimited regional and island variations of Indonesia, each unique specimen with its own patterns, designs and colors.
Among woven textiles from Indonesia, Tenun is one of the most profound ones. To most people Batik is known as the signature Indonesian textile with its designs painted or printed directly onto the clothes. But in case of Tenun, as the name suggests, it is made by the means of weaving.
The venue was attractively decorated and showcased an elaborate collection of Tenun fabric and fashionable ready to wear clothes, hand bags, shawls, sarongs and other gift items from different regions of Indonesia including Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok and other parts of Indonesia for the guests to experience firsthand and admire.
Welcoming the guests in her remarks, Chairperson Indonesian Women Association Mrs. Rita Amri explained the objective of the event is to share and promote “Tenun” as the weaving heritage of Indonesia celebrated with both past and present traditions explored and appreciated.

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