Speakers call for naming a prominent road after Zahid Malik


Gauhar Malik shares his father’s passion for Pakistan

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Gauhar Zahid Malik, Executive Editor Pakistan Observer and son of late Zahid Malik Wednesday shared how Pakistan and interests of Pakistan remained characteristic features of his father’s life until his last day.
“Whatever my father said and did reflected his immense love and deep regard for the country,” said Gauhar Malik while addressing a literary reference held in memory of the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Pakistan Observer, Zahid Malik, held at Preston University.
Archaeological and Historical Association of Pakistan had organized the reference. Eminent scholars, friends, diplomats and family members of Mr Zahid Malik attended the reference.
Editor of Pakistan Observer Faisal Zahid Malik presided over the reference. Zahid Malik’s younger son Omer Zahid Malik and daughter Sadia Zahid Malik were also present.
Gauhar Zahid Malik said during the last stage of his successful treatment at the famous Beijing hospital, Zahid Malik proposed to the head of the hospital to establish a similar facility in Pakistan as it would boost the existing bond of friendship between the two countries.
Mr Malik was so keen to see such a first-rate medical facility in Pakistan that he started ignoring his own health and started working on the project while still in the hospital, said Gauhar Malik.
“My father even went beyond his mandate and offered on behalf of the government of Punjab free land to the proposed hospital in Pakistan,” he said.
According to Gauhar Malik, later, Zahid Malik called up Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif informing him of the offer of land he made to the Beijing hospital and the Chief Minister Punjab was equally forthcoming and said “Malik Sb whatever you’ve said the government of Punjab would honour that.” This is how my father spent his last days thinking about Pakistan and the people of Pakistan, said he.
Akram Zaki the former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Zahid Malik was a soldier of Pakistan and left behind a rich legacy in the forms of Mazameen-e-Quran, Aiwan-e-Quaid, Nazriya Pakistan Council (NPC) and above all Pakistan Observer, a newspaper that always stands for the cause of Islam, Pakistan and Kashmir. Another great contribution by Zahid Malik was the founding of 101 Friends of China, said Akram Zaki. Dr Ghazanfar Mehdi narrated some of the achievements of Zahid Malik during his time in office, first in the Information Ministry and then Ministry of Religious Affairs. Establishment of and role played by Pakistan National Centre across the country was a hallmark of his career. Similarly, visit of Imam-e-Kaba during Zahid Malik’s tenure in Religious Affairs Ministry was another achievement, he said.
Dr Mehdi paid glowing tribute to Zahid Malik’s wife Rehana Malik, who he said complemented her husband’s life in all respects. She is a soft-spoken warm-hearted lady full of compassion. He also mentioned Sadia Zahid Malik who inherits her father’s journalistic qualities and is carrying forward his mission in her weekly magazine Social Diary.
Dr Shoaib Suddle said Zahid Malik had set up a small office even in Beijing hospital and worked in the same way that he did here in Pakistan.
Vice Admiral (Retd) Ahmad Tasneem shared some fond memories of Mr Malik. M Fazal Elahi read out Federal Ombudsman’s message on the occasion.
Sibtain Raza Lodhi, Dr Haroon Rashid Tabasum, Dr Ayub Sabir, Dr A W Baloch Registrar Preston University and Ambassador of Turkmenistan Atadjan Movlamov also paid glowing tributes to Zahid Malik. Turkmenistan envoy called Zahid Malik a friend of Turkmenistan and hoped his sons would carry forward his rich legacy.
A senior diplomat from Azerbaijan embassy also offered his respect to late Mr Malik.
At the end, a resolution was moved to name a prominent road of Islamabad after Zahid Malik which was passed unanimously.

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