Speakers call for continuing Edhi’s mission serving humanity

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Islamabad—Speakers at a function held here on Friday at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) called for continuing the mission of Abdul Sattar Edhi serving the humanity through all possible means.
This is the best way to pay homage to late Edhi, a great philanthropist, social reformer and humanitarian. The speakers included chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman Pakistan Red Crescent Society Dr. Saeed Elahi, Chairman Sweets Homes Zamurd Khan, Vice Chancellor Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar Dr. Razia Sultana, a leading local social worker Master Ayub Khan and journalist and columnist Jabbar Mirza.
Vice Chancellor AIOU Prof. Dr. Shahid SIddiqui said, the University arranged the condolence reference in memory of Edhi in order to spread over his humanitarian spirit among the young generation through academic and extra-curricular activities. The AIOU will play its leading role in projecting his life-style that is a perfect example and role-model in the field of social services.
The University is actively engaged in undertaking the research work that helps to serve the society. They, he added also providing free education to prisoners all over the country, as a part of welfare work. He thanked the HEC for its support in taking new initiatives in promoting reached-based and service-oriented activities.
Paying tributes to Sattar Edhi, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed hoped that the AIOU will keep up its work in character-building of the students in line with the life and work of Abdul Sattar Edhi. Trying to become a good human-being is the need of the hour in order to ensure a better life, he said adding “We need to strictly adhere to ‘Haqooqul Abad’ to enjoy the blessings of ALLAH”.
The Edhi’s volunteer work is most inspiring one for everybody. He teaches us to distribute happiness among his fellow-beings. It is binding upon every individual to deliver something good for others, he added. There is also need to promote the spirit of tolerance, forgiveness and sacrifice, he said and hoped that the educational institutions will fulfill their responsibilities in this connection.
Dr. Saeed Elahi referred to his personal association with Abdul Sattar Edhi and said he found him a great human-being who made himself ever-lasting through his devoted work. He will be remembered forever because of his massive humanitarian services. Edhi has the honour to establish largest ambulance service in the country. He hoped that his last ‘Wish’ establishing Edhi University will soon be fulfilled.
Zamurd Khan said he had been great admirers of Edhi, since he sought inspiration from him to do volunteer work as the main task of life. He was inspired from him establishing ‘Sweet homes’ for children. People like Edhi, he said comes after centuries who set directions to live a pious and noble life, devoting themselves for others. He hoped that the entire nation particularly the youth will follow his foot-prints in a letter and spirit. He proposed that the AIOU and other Universities should introduce a special chapter in their syllabus on the life of Sattar Edhi as a guiding force for the young generation. He said he believes that one can enjoy Allah’s blessings by serving the humanity particularly poor segment of society like orphans and disabled.
Dr. Razia Sultana underlined the need of involving students in volunteers services, seeking aspirations from Sattar Edhi. Each individual can earn good name, like him by doing something good for others. Edhi is best model before the nation to develop itself as a welfare State, she added.

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