Sorry state of SALU, Khairpur

It might be a heartbroken story for those who are facing the same fate like me. C&S Degree College, Shikarpur conducted the examination of BSc under the supervision of SALU, Khairpur, approximately 10 months ago. The zealous students are still anxiously waiting for the final results. The slow and instable process has led students nowhere than only into a lurch of dark light.
The candidates, who are immensely interested in doing masters, are under the chain of irregular administration of SALU. Unless the final results come, candidates are unable to go for Masters Degree anywhere in any University even in its own Khairpur University.
Serious candidates could even not apply for the CCE-18, CCE-19 and Universities like Punjab University. Students are now left with only a few opportunities like the admissions of Sindh University and Karachi University are under process. Thus, the result is very essential to be announced within a week. This imbalanced management of the institute calls for a proper regulation otherwise a little trust that is left in SALU’s administration would be completely lost. Stop playing with the career of youth.

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