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Kajal Chatterjee

It is my privilege that Pakistan Observer treats my letters eligible enough to get published in its pages. I would be always indebted to you for your graciousness and generosity. On this opportunity, let me offer my heartiest thanks to the editor as well as all personnel of the newspaper and warm greetings to my brothers and sisters of Pakistan.
In response to your brilliant editorial titled “Pope snubs Trump, earns more respect”(February 21), my letter titled “Pope’s principled pursuits” was published on 25.2.16. However, through sheer inadvertence on my part, an error or distortion of facts has taken place in the last paragraph of the letter. While the reality remains that our respected Pope had taken initiative in normalising the frozen relationship between “USA and Cuba”, I had expressed it as between “USA and Canada” by mistake.
So the sentence may be read as “While the Pope had taken personal initiative to normalise the frozen relationship between USA and Cuba, now he has taken up the cudgel on behalf of the migrants by condemning the Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump for his anti-immigration campaign”. By drawing inspiration from the words and deeds of the Pope and all other humanitarians across the globe, I end this letter by wishing for emergence of such a day when all persons of the world can identify themselves principally as human beings and get united through the bond of humanity by transcending all divisive credentials of language, race, religion, colour, politics, regionalism and nationality.
—Via email

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