Sons of liberty

Muhammad Ali Baig

LIBERTY and freedom can be said as the two basic principles of a human life. These two principles are responsible for the evolution and revolution as well. Rousseau, a French philosopher said that man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains. The foundations of American Revolution or the War of Independence were actually laid down by some highly educated individuals who were frustrated and lost confidence in their British captors.
These individuals formed an organisation known as “Sons of Liberty” which remained highly active throughout the war. George Washington, John Adams, Samuel Adams and John Hancock were among those individuals. The mere slogan of “No Taxation without Representation” became the fuel that burned down British Empire in the Thirteen American Colonies. The obsession of nations to exploit the weak, poor and vulnerable has always historically backfired and resulted in revolutions.
Burhan Wani was a simple boy from a modest yet educated Kashmiri family. His elder brother Khalid Wani, who was an under-graduate student of economics, was abducted by the Indian security forces and was brutally tortured to death in April 2015. The only crime Khalid committed was that he was the elder brother of a teenage boy who wanted to achieve freedom and liberty. The frustration inflicted on the hearts and minds of Kashmiri people due to the oppressive and suppressive rule of India had to result in an outburst and Wani’s decision to leave his books and comfortable school-life was a clear indication of his motivation. Burhan embraced martyrdom while fighting with Indian forces on July 08, 2016.
India is ostensibly a pluralist-democracy and in reality an imperial power. It is the utmost desire of imperial powers to keep people in a pretty much oppressed and suppressed manner by using fear to control. India has imperialistic designs right from the beginning of its creation and intended to follow the path of great powers. The Bandung Conference of 1955 in Indonesia and the subsequent creation of Non-Aligned Movement was the clear result of Indian PM Nehru’s motivation to exhibit that India did not need any block either the Communist or the Capitalist. He believed that India was a great power in itself due to its distinct culture, geography and history.
Indian dream of becoming a great power has greatly faded by a handful Kashmiri freedom fighters. The behaviour while dealing the minorities is worst and every Indian government has pursued the concept of Hindutva overtly or covertly The atrocities committed by the Indian security forces in fact led to the creation of Kashmiri Sons of Liberty. These young boys from Hizbul Mujahedeen included Burhan Wani, Naseer Ahmed Pundit, Subzar Ahmed Bhatt, Afaq Ahmed Bhatt, and many others, are not only educated youth of Kashmir but they are now committed to get rid of the Indian clutches and achieve freedom.
It is pretty much interesting that Burhan Wani was just 21-22 years old and was a symbol of fear for the entire Indian Army and security forces. What if there is thousands of Burhan Wani ready to sacrifice their lives in the name of liberating Kashmir? Now the time has come that Pakistan must start to support Kashmiri people openly in the name of moralism, freedom and justice, since Kashmiri Muslims have given their verdict in Pakistan’s favour. Apart from the propaganda of Indian media, the Kashmiri Independence Movement is still alive at large and will meet its desired outcome. Like the Sons of Liberty, Kashmiri educated youth is pretty much determined and adamant to liberate their selves from Hindu India. The destiny of Kashmir and Pakistan is inseparable and utterly intertwined.
— The writer is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.

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