Some dos for CPEC security

THE Parliamentary Committee on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was informed on Friday that a Special Security Division comprising 9,000 Pakistan Army soldiers and 6,000 para-military forces’ personnel has been set up for the security of the project and individuals working on it. The Government has also allocated Rs. 1.3 billion for CPEC security in addition to efforts of Provincial governments.
CPEC is centre of attention of people of Pakistan because of its rich and far-reaching benefits but unfortunately it is also focus of conspiracies by our enemies who do not want to see Pakistan making progress and development. Apart from India, which has set up a special cell of RAW to sabotage the project, agencies of several other countries are also active to undermine it because of strategic or economic factors. Therefore, the security of the CPEC should always remain our priority and it is encouraging that the concerned authorities have moved swiftly to raise the required Security Division. Its raising is a strong message to the enemy that Pakistan is determined to implement each and every project under the umbrella of CPEC and would brave all challenges in this regard. As the threat is real, we hope that all personnel of the Division would remain vigilant in thwarting designs of the local and foreign conspirators. However, we may point out that the issue of provision of security to CPEC should not only be confined to the security of field projects and staff. There are hundreds of foreigners working on developmental projects who live in rented houses in cities including Islamabad and foolproof arrangements should be made for their security as well. This is important in view of the observations of the CJP that RAW and Taliban are recruiting security guards. Antecedents of all private security agencies and their personnel should be thoroughly checked besides ensuring that only physically fit and properly trained and experienced personnel are hired and deployed for security duties.

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