Solidarity with Palestine

VISIT to Pakistan by President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas served as yet another moment to renew strong and vibrant relationship covering political, diplomatic, military and cultural domains. The warmth with which he was received in Pakistan reflected the spirit with which Pakistan recognised PLO as legitimate sole representative of Palestinian people and how its pilots fought in 1967 and 1973 wars with Israel. After Palestinian Declaration of Independence on 15 Nov 1988, Pakistan recognised the State of Palestine the very next day and established full diplomatic relations with it by end 1989.
Though the primary objective of the visit was to inaugurate the embassy building that has been constructed through active Pakistani cooperation but it took place at a time when Palestinians were under intense pressure as on the one hand the Jewish State is unleashing all sorts of atrocities against them and on the other hand the US has adopted a one-eyed policy towards Arab-Israeli conflict. One of the few things that President Trump did during his first days in office were telephone calls to Israeli and Indian Prime Ministers, support for Jewish settlements in occupied territories and announcement to shift US embassy to Jerusalem. Understandably, the Palestinian leader briefed Pakistani leadership on the latest situation in the Middle East and discussed the way forward. Mahmoud Abbas must have returned satisfied as Pakistani leadership expressed complete solidarity with their Palestinian brethren during this challenging time. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif declared that Pakistan wants total withdrawal of Israel from occupied Arab territories and restoration of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people including establishment of an independent state, with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital. However, it is to be noted that mere statements would not suffice in the face of increased anti-Palestinian mood in Washington. It is time the Islamic world should unite and an extraordinary session of the OIC is convened to discuss the Middle East problem, American jaundiced view of the conflict and overall biased attitude towards Muslims by the new administration in Washington.
in order to thwart sordid designs of the enemy. As the project also passes through some very difficult terrain, the SSD should be reinforced with provision of required number of helicopters ensuring fast and easy manoeuvrability from one place to another. It is a matter of satisfaction that Interior Minister has assured to meet all requirements of the SSD and we expect that these will be fulfilled without taking into account any impediments including that of funds as it is a matter of future of the country. By ensuring foolproof land and maritime security, the country with the blessings of God Almighty will soon start seeing positive impact of the multidimensional project on the economy in terms of growth in investment, trade and employment opportunities.

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